About Vanco


VANCO, incorporated in 1979, has a proven record in the collection industry. We place your interests first and conduct our business with the highest standard of ethical conduct. The cornerstone of any successful business is communication. Our reporting is designed to meet your individual needs, as professionals, we respect your time and specific requirements.
Our policies, procedures and collection approach are in line with contemporary collection practices. Our reports and communication strategies are tailored to meet your individual needs.


As an active community member, we have extensive local knowledge and as a result, the ability to tailor recovery efforts and maximize results. Our collection strategies ensure success through direct and legitimate representation. VANCO is managed by its owners and is not restrained by administrative red tape or bureaucracy. This inherent flexibility means faster response and better results. Simply put, we do what is best for you.


VANCO's ongoing training and focus on ethical conduct has given us a reputation for results. Our dedicated employees use advanced communication and negotiation skills to generate results for you. With VANCO, you can expect professional, responsible and, most importantly, successful financial recoveries.

While the first responsibility of a collection agency is to collect monies owed, we fully endorse the opinion of leading credit grantors and lending institutions that retention of public goodwill must be maintained whenever possible.


As required by law, VANCO is a fully bonded and licensed collection agency.


VANCO provides a full range of collection services to small and large businesses across Canada. Our clients include banks, credit unions and one of the largest financial institutions in the world.
Letters of reference can be provided upon request.


VANCO recognizes the importance of keeping you well informed and being flexible. Status Reports are easily designed to meet your requirements.


All accounts are handled on a contingency fee basis. Our fee structure is competitive and generally based on volume and account types.